Whether it’s Business-to-Business, Business-to-Customer, Store-to-Home, or Hospital-to-Laboratory…

We’ve got your delivery covered.

From mission-critical deliveries to helping you transition from one location to the next, H&B Disher Courier has been there whenever, wherever.
And we’ll continue to be there, for as long as you need us.

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Delivering Your Products with Power and Urgency

As a family owned (since 1986) Canadian company, with a big continental reach, we understand the importance of accuracy, reliability, and seeing the bigger picture. We take care of everything, from the shipping details to the logistics.

Cars, trucks, planes – our team is expansive, diverse, and ready whenever you need us. We are available around the clock, and offer services coast-to-coast with several points in the US.

When you want your products delivered with care and urgency, when you want to work with a team you trust, call us and we will be there to “Deliver You Peace of Mind”.


Our Specialty is “Mission Critical” Work

We are in the business of taking care of your delivery needs, as quickly and diligently as possible. When you can’t afford mistakes, that’s when you call us. Whether it be getting your package on the night flight, or making the impossible happen, we will find a way to “Deliver You Peace of Mind”.
  • Canada Wide Door-To-Door Shipping
  • Direct Drive Domestic (Canada & US)
  • Transborder Deliveries (ACE, ACI, PAPS, PARS, Customs Clearance)
  • Aircraft on Ground (AOG)
  • Rush Distribution Lists
  • Medical Courier Service
  • White Glove Services
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Legal Courier Service
  • Transportation of Cord Blood
  • Freight Forwarding (LTL & FTL)
Transborder Services

Transborder Service

Need to make an emergency delivery, transborder delivery, or domestic delivery within Canada or USA?

Urgent Stamped on Delivery Box


This is the service to choose when your package needs to arrive as soon as possible.

Delivery man knocking on a door holding package



Deliveries completed within 150 minutes. Service offered anytime before 16:00 EST.

White delivery truck driving on the road at night

After Hours

(Weeknights, Weekends and Holidays)

Requests made before 08:30 EST and after 16:30 EST. Prices may vary.

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Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding Services
(Straight Trucks with Tailgate, Flatbeds, LTL & FTL)
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Transportation of Cord Blood

Banking your baby’s umbilical cord is a sensitive and delicate process and one we are ready to take care of.

Special Requests?

We Can Take Care Of That For You

Just let us know what you need.
Our aim is to make you look good, and to “Deliver You Peace of Mind.”

What Our Clients Are Saying

    

From the moment of first contact, to the point of shipment, we received the most professional, efficient service from the team at H&B Disher Courier. They went above and beyond to ensure our needs were properly met, every step of the way. Thanks for everything Roger, Colin & Cheryl.

Gail Levy

    

Disher courier has be one of the best courier service provider in Canada. They are very professional, and always provides us best customer service. The unique thing about Disher is they act towards getting things delivered without much hassle. They keep things very simple and get the job done for us. We had many tough delivery deadlines and they were able to make it possible. Count on these guys anytime. Collin & Roger and their entire team rock.

Shabry Haniffa

    

We have been dealing with H&B Disher for over 15 years, and they are amazing. They handle shipments for us to difficult locations within the city that other carriers struggle carrying out, and excel while doing so. Their drivers are professional and will follow any special instructions given. They are top notch, and I have no worries when we give them white glove deliveries!

Rebecca MacGillivray - BTX Global Logistics

Delivery man wearing red shirt and hat holding brown box

Our Team / Careers

At H&B Disher Courier, we offer our team the flexibility of making their own hours and being their own boss.

By cultivating a healthy, accommodating and balanced work environment, we’ve been able to build a stable team and close the revolving door that’s common in the logistics industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Although our rates are competitive, we specialize in “Mission Critical” shipments where service (not price) is the priority. For a custom quote please complete our Request a Quote Form or Contact us.

Do you move apartment furniture or personal items?

Although we can provide extra helpers with white glove “Mission Critical” deliveries we are not a moving company.

Do you ship to India?
We are looking into it, but this is not something we do at the present time.

Have Logistical Challenges
Or Just Have A Question For Us?

Give us a call at (905) 450-3844 or email us at info@dishercourier.com.
We’re always happy to chat through logistics, and figure out what ways we can best support you.

“We Deliver Peace of Mind.”