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Working for H&B Disher Courier

Enjoy the flexibility of making your own hours and being your own boss.

We bring the revolving door that is the logistics industry to an end. At H&B Disher Courier, we know drivers are an essential part of our business and as such, we strive to offer you a place to make a living in a respectful, comfortable environment.

We focus on getting business that is a win-win-win situation — we want our clients, our drivers and our company to win.

For more information on how you can drive with us email us info@dishercourier.com or give us a call 905-450-3844.

Madeline Marshall, working at H&B Disher Courier says:

I’ve been working with Disher for a while now (over a year) they’re a WONDERFUL team to work with. Highly knowledgeable, friendly and keep constant communication with their clients. Their online booking system is seamless and super user friendly. They have a great team of drivers backing them and their commitment to their clients. Highly recommend them for any type of parcel, product or even skid that you need transported.

Shem Bacchus, driver at H&B Disher Courier says:

I have been a driver with H&B Disher Courier for about 4 to 5 years and I can easily say it is a great company to drive for, the management is always polite and friendly and does everything to make your day pleasant, I am extremely happy I hounded colin to get me on board,a lot of other companies cannot come close to the level of stress free work attitude they provide,in this last year with the struggle of covid-19 it really showed how working for such amazing people made life easier as the management did everything possible to make sure the driver’s were getting paid,I will definitely be working for these folks until I retire,Thanks Guy’s, You Rock.😎

Audrey Audet, driver at H&B Disher Courier says:

As the only female driver, I felt compelled to tell my story, with the hope that more and more capable and reliable drivers will join us.
As a new driver, i joined Disher Courier 5 years ago. It took me very little time to discover how much it prides itself on time honored values. From how respectfully, clearly and accurately each order is handled, to how satisfying it is to fill a role in the process, the drivers are treated as important partners in the success of the operations. Encouraged and supported by an extraordinary staff of dispatchers, logistical support and invaluable owner relationship and input, it is easy to navigate a fulfilling and motivating day “at the office”!
To sum it up, “we deliver peace of mind” is not just pretty words, it’s a way of life at H.B. Disher Courier!

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