Case Studies

“We Deliver Peace Of Mind.”

Courier holding clipboard for client to sign document

Delivering Peace of Mind in the Nick Of Time

We received the call at 10:00 am – the shipment had to reach Martha Stewart  in Manhattan Island, New York by 5:00 pm.

Red cargo van parked next to a row of white cargo vans with its back open and packages being loaded

Delivering Peace of Mind in Cross-Border Logistics

They needed a delivery picked up within two hours and transported over four hours away (cross-border) for an event that evening.

Private Jet with stairs down awaiting passengers

Delivering Peace of Mind with Mission-Critical Logistics

Client needed a shipment to reach Kentucky that evening. However, the shipment wouldn’t be ready until approximately 9:00 pm.

Courier ringing doorbell carrying a package

A Mission-Critical Delivery for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton faced a unique challenge when they needed to deliver a high-end LV trunk valued at $100,000 as a gift to an international celebrity.

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“We Deliver Peace of Mind.”