Case Study

Delivering Peace of Mind in Cross-Border Logistics

Customer Introduction

Our client, a promotional materials company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, offers priority deliveries across North America. When an overnight service fails, Disher Courier is their trusted Plan B.

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The Ask

On a typical Friday, our client contacted us with a request that would put our logistics prowess to the test. They needed a delivery picked up within two hours and transported over four hours away for an event that evening. This tight schedule posed significant challenges, compounded by the fact that it was a cross-border delivery involving customs procedures.

Cross-border deliveries are inherently complex, requiring meticulous behind-the-scenes logistics. When Disher is engaged, delivery times may be affected by multiple variables and deadlines are often fast approaching.

Some of the variables that added to the complexity included:

  1. Customs Documents (ACE and ACI manifest)
  2. Preparing ACE and ACI documents accurately (typically the customer’s responsibility)
  3. Involvement of Canadian Customs (CBSA) for processing documents and ensuring correct commercial invoices
  4. Engaging a customs broker to provide documents to CBSA, ensuring all documents are accurately linked and submitted
  5. Receiving an entry number
  6. The risk of even a single typo causing package delays, necessitating starting the process from scratch

The Solution

Disher Courier’s team began addressing the client’s urgent needs. We contacted a local carrier and coordinated the pickup within an impressive 60-90 minutes, considering that the place holding the package was about to close. Once the local carrier retrieved the package, our driver swiftly met with them to commence the delivery.

Many other carriers might have declined this request due to several factors:

  1. Inadequate knowledge of customs clearance procedures
  2. The pressing time constraints involved
  3. Lack of partnerships allowing pickups before noon
  4. Insufficient capabilities for cross-border deliveries
  5. A dearth of infrastructure and resources
  6. A risk-averse attitude and lack of training, resulting in unwillingness to navigate complex logistics

The Conclusion

Through our unwavering commitment to delivering peace of mind and our expertise in cross-border logistics, Disher Courier completed this challenging delivery order. By going above and beyond to meet the client’s needs, we ensured the timely arrival of their crucial materials and strengthened our relationship with the customer. What sets Disher Courier apart is that amid a challenge, we can find a solution and make it happen.

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