Case Study

Delivering Peace of Mind in the Nick Of Time

Customer Introduction

Schawk Canada is a long-standing client of Disher Courier, and we have been partnering with them since 1984. We take pride in handling all of Schawk’s urgent and mission-critical shipments with great diligence. We have extended our partnership into running their shipping department and providing dedicated in-house staff from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm every day for the past two decades.

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The Ask

We received the call at 10:00 am, Schawk Canada urgently needed us to deliver a critical shipment to Manhattan Island in New York by 5:00 pm. The journey from our location to Manhattan usually took about 8 hours, but considering all the logistics, it was estimated to take about 10 hours.

What made this mission even more critical was that the shipment had to reach Martha Stewart by 5:00 pm. Martha herself needed to approve the artwork for a crucial advertising campaign. This task was of utmost importance, leaving no room for delay.

The Solution

In the face of this pressing challenge, we took immediate action. We have a shipment that we affectionately call “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” inspired by the famous 1987 movie featuring Steve Martin and John Candy.

Our driver began by driving the shipment across the border to Buffalo catching a flight from Buffalo Airport to JFK Airport. Upon landing in New York, our driver found himself stuck in the notorious Manhattan rush hour traffic. Realizing the time crunch, the driver sought the advice of his taxi driver. The taxi driver suggested taking the subway to reach downtown Manhattan Island more quickly.

Our team took the care and attention needed to ensure the success of this high-stakes delivery.

The Conclusion

Disher’s relentless commitment and resourcefulness paid off in the end. Despite the odds, Disher’s Driver reached the delivery point mere minutes before the critical 5:00 pm deadline. Martha Stewart, still present in the building, received the shipment and approved the artwork for the pivotal advertising campaign. The successful delivery showcased Disher Courier’s unwavering dedication and reinforced our commitment to delivering peace of mind, even in the most challenging circumstances.

 At Disher Courier, we understand that mission-critical deliveries are more than just shipments; they are a testament to trust, reliability, and precision. Our ability to rise to the occasion, exemplified by our teams’ extraordinary efforts, demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our clients’ success. Regarding your most urgent and vital deliveries, remember that Disher Courier is the partner you can trust to deliver peace of mind, no matter the obstacles.

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