Case Study

Delivering Peace of Mind with Mission-Critical Logistics

Customer Introduction

Southern Graphics, one of our esteemed clients, was one of our largest clients then. Owned by Alcoa, an international company worth $23 billion, Southern Graphics relied on us for their mission-critical shipments.

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The Ask

Southern Graphics faced a critical challenge when its president, Chip Batten, needed a shipment to reach Kentucky that evening. However, the shipment wouldn’t be ready until approximately 9:00 pm.

This account was valued at $2,000,000, making it a pivotal account for Southern Graphics. The clock was ticking, and their account would be jeopardized if the shipment did not arrive on time.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, cross-border deliveries can be notoriously challenging. Even a single typo can potentially cause significant delays, necessitating the entire process to start from scratch.

The Solution

Disher Courier prides itself on thinking outside the box to meet our clients’ needs in times of crisis. Our team proposed a bold solution to this urgent problem, to charter an airplane and have it ready to go as soon as Southern Graphics’ shipment was prepared for dispatch.

Here’s how the plan unfolded:

Immediate Response:
Disher Courier swiftly coordinated with its network to charter an airplane ready for takeoff.

Driver Standby:
A dedicated driver was stationed at Southern Graphics’ location, poised to transport the shipment directly to the waiting airplane on the tarmac as soon as it was ready.

Seamless Handoff:
The shipment was handed over to the waiting plane, minimizing any delays.

Continued Commitment:
Upon arrival at the destination airport, another Disher Courier driver was standing by, ready to take over the shipment and ensure its final delivery to the destination

The Conclusion

Thanks to the team’s quick thinking and unwavering commitment to our client’s needs, the mission-critical delivery was completed within the expected timeframe. Chip Batten, the president of Southern Graphics, was relieved and happy with the outcome. This successful delivery played a pivotal role in retaining the $2,000,000 account.

In the world of mission-critical logistics, time is of the essence, and precision is paramount. Disher Courier’s ability to devise and execute innovative solutions is a testament to our dedication to our customers, ensuring their success even in the most challenging situations.

At Disher Courier, we don’t just deliver packages; we deliver solutions and, most importantly, peace of mind.

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