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What is mission critical?

Mission Critical is Account Saving, AOG, NFO, Machine Parts, Urgent Medical Deliveries...

...and it is our specialty!

We specialize in mission critical work. Whatever you need. If your package needs to be on the next flight out or you need help finding a solution in a seemingly impossible situation – we will get it done. If your service needs to be done within hours or scheduled in advance, we can take care of you. H&B Disher Courier is your go-to GTA Rush & Same Day Delivery Service.

Premium Services:

After Hours

All deliveries placed after 16:30 are considered to be on After Hours service. Prices vary.


We offer delivery service to have the package delivered as soon as possible. Call anytime and we will have a driver available to you as soon as possible.
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Direct deliveries are completed within 150 minutes. We offer this service before 16:00.

Basic Services:


Our Regular delivery service is a Same Day service. This service is offered for orders placed before noon to be delivered before 17:00.

Please note: All deliveries are delivered on time, to the best of our ability.
Circumstances that are outside of our control (rush hour traffic, weather, distance) may add time to projected drop off times.

To stay with our standard of the highest quality customer service, clients will be notified if the delivery time exceeds due time by 15 minutes.

Special requests? No problem.

Let us know what you need and we will find a way to accommodate you. Our services include:

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Our Mission Statement:

Bring us any shipment and we will find a way.
When failure is not an option, we are your company.

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