Transportation | Cord Blood Banking Delivery

When timing is critical, trust H&B Disher Courier to “Deliver Peace of Mind.”
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Delivering Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood from Hospital to Lab

Banking your baby’s umbilical cord is a sensitive and delicate process and one we are ready to take care of. Because timing is critical, and during one of the most exciting days of your life, shipping logistics should not be your worry.

With experience and a reputation of excellence behind us, our staff knows exactly how to handle this delicate parcel. 

Call Us In Advance

Call us before your baby is born to arrange a tentative pick-up and delivery. When your baby is born, give us another quick call and we will be right there.

Or, the Day Of

If you decide on the day of delivery that preserving your baby’s umbilical cord is important to you, call us anyway. We are there whenever you need us, “Delivering You Peace of Mind.”

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you wait for us at the hospital:

Store the umbilical cord blood sample at room temperature (NOT the fridge!)

Phone the lab to inform them that you have called the courier and that the sample is on its way.

Timing is Critical

Cord blood must be banked within 24-48 hours of the baby’s birth.