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Mar 21, 2021 | Case Study

Saved Client $2000 on their Delivery

(Brampton, Mississauga, Montreal, Vancouver)

Rush Delivery – Huge Savings

Initially I was contacted by Craig Barnes from Your Nucleus in Vancouver he found us online his call came through Thursday May 8th at 6:25 pm. Craig was pleading that I might be his last hope to pick up some bundles of flattened boxes from Uline in Brampton. Uline was closing at 7 pm and these boxes were urgently needed to be delivered to the FedEx Depot in Mississauga by the airport.

I quickly checked the location of my driver and told him we could take care of it for him. Once the driver arrived after some communication back/forth with Craig and his contact in Brampton we picked up the boxes and delivered to FedEx.

Craig was very appreciative as he indicated it was needed in Montreal tomorrow for a move of some computer equipment that needed to be in Vancouver by Monday.

I asked him how he was arranging the move to Vancouver and he said it was planned with FedEx airfreight and I mentioned I could handle it for him and probably save him some money. Craig said it was already arranged but “I’m very impressed with Disher Courier and I’ll definitely think of you guys on some future shipments”.

The next day around 4 pm on Friday May the 9th I received another call from Craig asking if I’d be able to handle the move of the equipment on Saturday morning from Montreal to arrive in Vancouver on the Monday morning first thing. I said no problem I’d just have to check with my contacts to provide a price.

Saved $2,000 and Arrived A Day Early

I saved Craig almost $2,000 for the same move and at the request of his client had it delivered to its destination in Vancouver on Sunday morning rather then Monday morning!

Craig’s client was extremely happy it gave him the extra day to set up everything and make sure it was up and ready when it was required. It was pretty smooth the shipment as this is what we do on a regular basis and do the follow up to make sure it arrives as planned.

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